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Appreciation Ceremony cum Get Together 2017
Appreciation Ceremony cum Get Together 2017



UCTA Cricket Tournament 2017
UCTA Cricket Tournament 2017



Jaipur - RCTA cricket tournament
Jaipur - RCTA cricket tournament

Sniper Corporation is delighted to be a sponsor and part of your successful picnic. We are looking forward to a close relationship in the coming future. ..


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Indian Antivirus
Secure your system from the Malicious cerber3 attack!!

The website for the very popular and affordable software, which facilitates remote desktop sharing and administration from anywhere in the world at the super reasonable charge, the Ammyy Admin Website, has recently been hacked by the sordid Cerber3 ransom..

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Why Choose Sniper Antivirus

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  • Easy to Use Security Solution

    Sniper Antivirus offers complete protection from various viruses, malware, worms and Trojans. It uses proactive virus detection technology that instantly detects and removes most potent threats to make your computer system safe and secure.

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    Indian Antivirus
  • Manageable settings and on-time alerts

    Sniper Antivirus offers a perfect end-to-end security solution for your computer system. It provides an alert whenever viruses and malware try to infect your PC. Prompt alerts keep your system protected against viruses or malware attacks.

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    Antivirus in India
  • Latest updates for better sync

    Sniper Antivirus offers database update to protect your computer system from latest viruses and malware. If your PC is connected to the Internet, latest updates will be downloaded and installed automatically to ensure complete protection against viruses.

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Sniper comes bundled with some features which increases the performance and provide better security to your data.

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Indian Antivirus Software - Sniper Corporation

“Your wish to security is our command” that’s what Sniper Corporation is all about. We are a complete build-up service providers and reliable support when it comes to your computer system’s security. Sniper Corporation is an IT security solution company that has introduced security products for the comprehensive protection related to your PC/Laptop. Our establishment in the year 2015 from Pune (Maharashtra) has grown suitable as per the development of Indian companies. When it is about the security products, you can rely on our authentic approach to our products - Sniper Antivirus and Sniper Total Security 2017 -that are officially available in our products section. If you prefer the free antivirus with advanced features, then you can select Sniper Antivirus software, and if you choose the paid antivirus software, then select Sniper Total Security 2017. As a legitimate security company, we ensure the best quality in our products and pledge to keep our customer data security safe when they are with us. With our confidence towards data protection, we assure better usability with the fine performance of our security products. So, if you want to make your choice with something relevant to usability, determination, and standard entrust your trust with us.

Antivirus Software for PC/Desktop

Day-to-day enhancement in technology has also increased the risks pertaining to the leaking of confidential information. As a user, we have to be always attentive to our computer system’s security and working.Looking at the urgency of this primary aspect of system and data protection, we as a security corporation, have introduced Antivirus (Sniper Antivirus software). Our team of professionals has developed this officially Indian antivirus with expertise to provide a user-friendly computer security product for all the sectors. This product of ours is built with useful features and passed through accurate testing procedures to provide the error-free virus detection facility to the user. Sniper Antivirus is readily available as free antivirus download option in our products section. You can conclude it as a complete regime of free antivirus software. Moreover; it is not only a reliable computer protection solution but also a full-fledged antivirus in India with excellent build-up. Whereas, if you look at Total Security 2017, it is a paid antivirus, available in our product section, and with the authorized dealers for providing essential security conditions to all kinds of users. So, you have a choice to select from our products according to your requirements, work, and the protection perspective. Sniper Corporation always makes sure that you are equipped with the most suitable protection source for your system and don’t have to worry about the data or information loss.

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  • “Sniper Antivirusâ€�
    Naveen Singh

    I don’t remember the last time my computer encountered the viruses. The only reason is Sniper Antivirus; it scans every document and external drives every time. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for making Sniper Total Security Antivirus. It is very easy and effective to use. Thank you once again!

    “Sniper Total Security�
    Ajay Ingle

    Parental control in Sniper Total Security software really helped me to secure my child to use the Internet appropriately. Thanks, Sniper Corporation, It cleans and scans my PC regularly. Thank you, Sniper Total Security for boosting up my PC’s performance and defending me from viruses.

    “Sniper Total Security�
    Vikas Jhangid

    Online transactions and shopping are now easy for me, and this is just because of antivirus software ‘Sniper Total Security’. Sniper Total Security helps me to secure my private and other important info on my laptop. It provides safe banking and protects me against every infection.